Caribbean inspired food




Small plates street Snacks

Aloo pie  VEG £4.99
crispy tattie dumplings served with tamarind chutney

Ackee Saltfish £5.50
peppers, scotch bonnet and salt fish tossed with ackee

Trini Doubles £5.50
Soft Fried flat bread filled with your choice of your filling – curried chicken, jerk chicken, chickpeas, curried lamb, brown beef

Buss Up Shut Taco £5.99
Name derived from ‘’Busted Up Shirt’’ a flaky roti bread, with choice of your filling topped with pickled cucumber,Yoghurt and chilli tomato Chutney.

Choose from – curried chicken / lamb, jerk chicken, beef or chickpeas

Jerk Wings Chargrilled With Our Homemade Glaze £5.60
OR choose wing ting bucket for £15
marinated for 24 hours in our home made jerk marinade
jerk bbq (hot)   hot habanero (hot, hot)  guava glaze (not)

Bajan Flying Fishcakes With Jerk Aioli £4.99

Panko Prawns With Mango Tango £5.90

Nachos With Jalapenos & Dips  £5.80 / £ 7.50
We use mix of tortilla chips, banana chips, cassava chips)

add jerk chicken for £1.99

Pholourie With Green Chutney  Vegan £4.90
fried spiced lentil  dumplings

Creamy Jerk Spiced Mushroom  Veg   £4.90
jerk spiced mushroom cooked with thyme, scallions, garlic & cream, served with grilled flat bread.

Beachboy Sunshine Salad Bowl    £6.50
Choose As A Mains From £9.00
mix greens, lotus seed,halloumi, dried cranberry,cherry tomato tossed in mango guava dressing

add jerk chicken for  £2.80


Soda and juices

Jamaican Ginger Beer £1.99
Ting £1.99
Calypso Lemonade £4.95
Ka- Sparkling Pineapple £1.99
Ka- Fruit Punch £1.99
Irn Bru £1.99
Pepsi £1.99
Diet Pepsi £1.99
Tango Orange £1.99
Volvic Still Water £1.50
Orange Juice £2.90

Non Alcoholic beer/Cider

Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime £3.49
Becks Blue £3.49
Heineken £3.49

Full plates

Curry Chicken Pot £10.40
Curry Lamb Pot £12.50
braised lamb curry stew traditionally known as curry goat.
Jamaican Oxtail Stew Pot £12.50
West Indian Brown Beef Pot £12.90
the classic caribbean staple made from leafy green,
squash, okra and coconut milk.
Choose From
Seafood Callaloo £12.49
Chicken Callaloo £10.20
Lamb Callaloo £12.90
Chickpeas And Okra Callaloo Veg £9.99
Pepperpot Rundown Vegan £9.99
Pepper, Sweet Potato, Peas, Leafy Greens
in a creamy coconut sauce

all one bowl dishes are served with rice and peas,
flat roti bread and plantain.


Jerk chicken
chicken marinaded for 24 hours in our secret jerk /mild marinade & then chargrilled & finished with our homemade glaze
Quarter £7.80
half £11.80
full £16.49

Jerk Ribs
ribs marinaded for 24 hours in our secret jerk /mild marinade & then chargrilled & finished with our homemade glaze
half £7.80
full £12.99

Half& Half £16.49
half chicken & half ribs ribs marinaded for 24 hours in our secret jerk /mild marinade & then chargrilled & finished with our homemade glaze

The Calypso big Mixed grill £20.00
1/4 jerk chicken, Angus beef patty, 1/4 rib, two wings & two sausages

All above are served with ‘rice and peas’ or fries & coleslaw or side salad

Flame Grilled Jerk Burgers

Aberdeen Angus Beef £9.99

Jerk Chicken £9.99

Fish Cake Burger £8.80

Plantain And Halloumi Burger Veg £8.80

all burgers come with lettuce, tomato, jerk mayo, tango coleslaw & fries

Monster Slider £13.99
jerk chicken breast, angus beef patty, bacon, lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomato, jerk mayo, tango coleslaw & fries

Add Bacon, Halloumi Cheese, Jalapenos £1.45 ea Extra Aberdeen Angus Beef Patty £3.20
Extra Jerk Chicken Patty £3.20

Guyana Fried Seafood £12.00
prawns, seabass, squid marinated in our house spice mix and fried, served with jerk fries and aioli

Pan Fried Sea Bass Gf £11.99
pan fried sea bass, simmered with shrimp, squid, mussels, cream creole, served with rice & peas

Curried Jamaican Pattie £10.50
fabulicious flaky pastry pattie filled with choice of your filling served with sweet potato chips and guava ketchup

Choose from chicken or mushroom

Wrapito £10.60
our wrapito comes with choice of your filling, rice and peas (beans), chilli tomato chutney & crème fraiche

Choose from
curried chicken, pulled jerk chicken, brown beef, curried lamb, chickpeas & okra

ask if you would like your wrappito baked
smothered with our house sauce & Cheese for £1.00

Mac ‘N’ cheese £10.90
all time classic choose mushroom or bacon served with chips or grilled garlic flat bread

Bombastic side plates

Fried Plantain £3.00
Flame Grilled Garlic Flat Bread £4.20
Skin On Fries £3.49
Dirty Jerk Fries £3.99
Loaded Cheese Fries £4.90
Sweet Potato Fries £4.00
Rice And Peas £2.99
Halloumi FRIES £5.90
Mozzarella stick £4.99
Tango Crunchy Slaw £2.49

extra sauce £1
choose BBQ, mango tango, aioli, hot habanero,
chilli tomato chutney

add cheese/jalapenos to your side order £1.45
Add meat to your chips- jerk chicken/beef £2.80

The Sweet stuff/ Marlo’s plates

Bounty or Oreo Patty with rum caramel £4.99
Churros with rum caramel or chocolate £4.99
Coconut pannacotta with berry compote £4.90 Vegan & GF
Brownie & vanilla ice cream £5.80
Icecream £4.90
mango sorbet/rum caramel/coconut

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